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Duotone Click Bar Quad Control 2022

Duotone Click Bar Quad Control 2022

Kite Barren
€659,00 €519,00
Airush  UNIT Bar V2 2023

Airush UNIT Bar V2 2023

Airush  Ride Bar Complete 2022

Airush Ride Bar Complete 2022

Airush Ride Bar Complete 2022 | SHAKA Kitesurfing
€479,00 €399,00
Airush  Core Cleat Bar 2022

Airush Core Cleat Bar 2022

€599,00 €449,00
Airush  Progression Bar 2021/2022 UPGRADED

Airush Progression Bar 2021/2022 UPGRADED

€479,00 €349,00
Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop Trimlite Mix Color

Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop Trimlite Mix Color

Overdrive Quickloop Trimlite
Cabrinha Overdrive Modular Trimlite 2021

Cabrinha Overdrive Modular Trimlite 2021

Cabrinha Overdrive Modular Trimlite 2021
Cabrinha Overdrive QL Trimlite 2021

Cabrinha Overdrive QL Trimlite 2021

Medium (44-52)
Large (52-60)
€549,00 €411,00
Eleveight  CS Vary Bar V4 PLUS

Eleveight CS Vary Bar V4 PLUS

Kitesurf bar
F - One Linxbar 2022

F - One Linxbar 2022

Linxbar 2022
€629,00 €500,00

You can find the latest kitebars online at Shaka!

Are you looking for a new kitesurf bar ? We have a wide range of kite bars. View and order directly online or visit our surf shop in Scheveningen . If you have a question, you can always contact us. We share your passion and are happy to help you!

How does a kite bar work?

With a kitebar you control your kite. On the sides of the kitebar are the control lines that are attached to the back of the kite to control the kite. Steering lines are therefore also called 'backlines'. With your kitebar you also generate power when you pull the bar and when you take the bar away from you, the kite generates less power. The so-called power lines are attached to the front of the kite, which is why the power lines are also called 'front lines'. So two control lines and two power lines. All kitebars are now also equipped with a 'power trimmer' and 'safety system', which makes the sport very safe today. However, to handle the kitebar and all materials properly and safely, you must follow a kitesurfing course. At kitesurfschool.nl you can book a very affordable three-day course with which you learn everything about the materials, technique, rules and safety to learn kitesurfing independently, anywhere in the world.

Width of the kite bar

The width of a kitebar affects the steering behavior. In general, narrow bars (44cm) are used for small kites and wide bars (52cm) are used for large kites. Nowadays, a lot of kitebars are adjustable and can be used more and more widely for both small and large kites. A 'narrow' kitebar can therefore be used from small kites to kites of approximately 12m2. The wide kitebars are often still used for the really large kites of 12+m2.

(De)power trimmer

With a (de)power trimmer you can provide your kite with extra power with light wind or with less power when there is strong wind. As a result, kites today have a much larger wind range than it used to be. There are different systems with different brands. Want to know more about this? Then come and see our kitebars in the shop.

Safety system, quick release & safety leash

All kitebars nowadays have a safety system, consisting of a 'quick release' and a 'safety leash'. By means of the quick release you can completely depower your kite in an emergency. Your kite no longer generates power and is now only attached to your safety leash. There are different systems with different brands. Broadly speaking, they all work the same. In our shop we can show and tell you much more about it. You will also learn when and how to use and reassemble this system during a kitesurfing course at the kitesurfschool.nl.

Line length of your kitebar

In the Netherlands, lines of 22 or 24 meters are the most common line lengths these days. With this length you can freeride, freestyle and wave in all conditions and offer the best middle ground in the choice of line lengths. However, there are also kite surfers who opt for shorter or longer lines. In wakestyle and freestyle you also see kitesurfers with 19 meter lines. Shorter lines make the kite more direct, faster and offer more control in the 'high-end'. In the 'low-end', however, you miss some power to continue kitesurfing well. Short lines of 12 or 14 meters are also available for children. These are also used at our kitesurfing school for the first kitesurfing lessons. In addition to short lines, longer lines are also available, 27+ meter lines are used in race kitesurfing, this increases your wind window and you can generate even more power, this length also works to the advantage of the kite in the low-end . All kitebars with us have a length of 22 or 24 meters. If you want a different line length, we can of course order this for you!

Material and maintenance of your lines and kite bar

The lines of a kite are subject to many influences. Initially, the wind, the size of your kite and your body weight will affect your lines. In addition, the salt water, the sand and the sun and its UV radiation also cause the necessary wear of your lines. Lines are therefore made from a super strong synthetic fiber called Dynamee. This material is up to 15 times stronger than steel, is very thin, does not absorb water and holds your weight with ease. Nevertheless, it is important to rinse your kitebar and lines with fresh and cold water after every kitesurfing session and to check for wear and knots.

Connect kitebar of brand X to kite of brand Y

It is not always possible to connect a kitebar from brand X to a kite from brand Y. This has to do with the length of the lines, the height of the V-split and the connection to the kite. If these three points are equal, you can also connect your kitebar to another brand. If not, don't do this! Do you want a kitebar that you can connect to any other brand (99%), take a look at the Clickbar from Duotone! This has adjustable lines, V-split and connection.

Do you have a question about a kite bar? Are you not entirely sure whether your kitebar and lines are still in good condition? Then come by with your kitebar and we will check your bar and lines to see if they are still safe for kitesurfing or if they need to be replaced. With intensive use, we recommend replacing your lines every two years.

Do you want a new kite or kiteboard in addition to a new kitebar? Be sure to take a look at our kites and our kiteboards. Of course we also have complete kitesurf sets , then you are ready to go kitesurfing right away!

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