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Buy kiteboard - twin tip & directional kiteboards

Do you want to buy a new kiteboard? Then you're at the right place at Shaka kitesurfing! We have selected the best kiteboard brands for you. With us you will find twintip and directional kiteboards for experienced freeriders, freestylers, wake stylers, wave kite surfers and hydrofoil kite surfers. And of course we also have a wide choice for the beginning kite surfer. At Shaka kitesurfing you can buy the following kiteboards: Duotone , Airush , Eleveight , Cabrinha , Brunotti and F-one .

There are different types of kiteboards available for different types of kite surfers available at Shaka kitesurfing. With us you will find twintip kiteboards and directional kiteboards for in the waves and hydrofoil kite surfing.


Twintip kiteboard

Do you want to buy a twin tip kiteboard and first want to know more about it? Below you will find everything you need to know! The twin tip kiteboard is the most dangerous kiteboard, due to its versatile and playful nature. This type of kiteboard is used for freeriding , freestyling and wakestyling . Twintip kiteboards are symmetrical in shape and can therefore be sailed in two directions. Food pads are mounted on a twin tip kiteboard that you can adjust to the shape of your foot and kite surfing style. Freestyle and wakestyle kiteboards are also sailed with boots, this gives even more strength for more explosive pop and power. Twintip kiteboards also contain fins, on each side there are two fins that provide grip while sailing. Below we describe the different twin tip kiteboards available at Shaka kitesurfing.

Freeride kiteboard

The freeride kiteboard has been developed to be able to sail well under different conditions and for a variety of kite surfing styles. From flat water to choppy water on the sea. With a freeride kiteboard you can cruise amazing and also start with your first freestyle tricks. Do you want to jump a raley, make your first big jumps or do a kitel run? You can also do all of this with a freeride kiteboard under your feet! These kiteboards are less rigid in terms of flex and therefore run smoothly through choppy water and offer softer landings in large jumps. Under a freeride kiteboard there are fins that are a bit longer than under freestyle and wakestyle kiteboards, these offer more grip when sailing at high speed. Are you an all-rounder and do you want to do everything and learn in kite surfing? Then you have to buy a freeride kiteboard!

Freestyle kiteboard

Do you want a playful kiteboard with a lot of pop and power? Then you have to buy a freestyle kiteboard. Freestyle kiteboards are stiffer, stronger, lighter and have more rocker than the freeride kiteboards. Freestyle boards also have a different 'outline', they look more rectangular from above. These characteristics give the board more pop and power when you use your tricks and you can jump even higher. The fins of a freestyle kiteboard are shorter, this means less grip but more fun! Freestyle kiteboards are sailed with footpads and are also sailed with experienced kite surfers.

Wakestyle kiteboard

Wakestyle is freestyle. Yet there are differences in this type of board. A wakestyle kiteboard is even stiffer, larger and more rocker than a freestyle kiteboard. The fins are also smaller or missing if you want to cross obstacles. Would you like to wake up and do all your tricks with your kite at 10 o'clock? Then you have to buy a wakestyle kiteboard!


Directional kiteboard

Directional kiteboards have been developed to surf in one direction. You can buy two types of directional kiteboards at Shaka kitesurfing.

  • Wave kiteboard
  • Hydrofoil kiteboard

Wave kiteboard

It is of course already in the name, these kiteboards are made for surfing the waves. Wave kiteboards have more volume and therefore more buoyancy, so you can kite kite with a smaller kite on these kiteboards. There are wave kiteboards with and without footstraps. In the beginning it is nice to surf with footstraps, then you have more grip and control. Once you are used to the correct foot position you can also go surfing without footstraps, this gives a much greater feeling of freedom while surfing. There are traditional wave kiteboards with the wave surfing shape. And there are wave kiteboards with a freestyke shape, where the nose and tail are rounded or blunt. The fins are on the bottom at the back. These give you a grip on the water and help you surf a nice line. Do you want to go kite surfing in the waves? Then you have to buy a wave kiteboard !

Hydrofoil kiteboard

Hydrofoil kite surfing is the newest form of kite surfing. These kiteboards have a large fin under the board. This is a mast with a front wing and rear wing, connected by the so-called fuselage. To start with hydrofoil kite surfing it is advisable to sail with a short mast. Once you have found the balance and position correct, you can sail with a longer mast. There are different types of kiteboards for hydrofoil kite surfing. In the beginning there are kiteboards with more volume, this helps you to sail more easily if you drop back. Once you have mastered hydrofoil kite surfing, you can switch to a thinner and smaller kiteboard. These boards have less buoyancy, but a more playful character. Do you want to buy a hydrofoil kiteboard? Then look between our hydrofoil kiteboards !

Do you have a question about a kiteboard? Ask us this! You can call, email or contact us via Facebook. But of course we also invite you to come and visit us in the kitesurf shop in Scheveningen. There we can discuss your personal wishes and provide customized advice!

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