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You will find the best wetsuits, boots, gloves, caps and accessories at Shaka

Buying a wetsuit - the best wetsuits for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing

Why do you have to wear a wetsuit?
The Netherlands has mainly cold water, a wetsuit keeps you warm in this cold water. A very thin layer of water actually gets into the wetsuit and that layer of water then heats up because it is between your body and the wetsuit. This gives a very good insulation. Hence the name wetsuit. The material of a wetsuit is called neoprene. Neoprene is windproof and waterproof. The advantage of this is that the elements from outside no longer have a major influence on your body temperature. So it is very important that a wetsuit fits well and fits well everywhere. In addition to warmth, a wetsuit also offers protection against the immediate environment and helps you to float a little better.

What should you think about when purchasing a new wetsuit?
How do you find the right wetsuit? That is quite difficult when you purchase this for the very first time. We help you with this on the basis of the following three steps.

  • Fit and size
  • Thickness of the wetsuit
  • Closure

Which fit and size wetsuit suits me?
The most important thing is that a wetsuit fits well around your body and therefore fits perfectly. It must feel like your second skin. The wetsuit should not be too spacious for too much water to run in and out and not too tight so that you no longer have room for movement. In principle you can feel for yourself whether a wetsuit suits you or not. The best thing for this is to visit our surf shop in Scheveningen. When fitting, keep in mind that a wetsuit becomes about 15% more flexible when the neoprene is wet.

We have three wetsuit brands: Mystic , Ion and Ripcurl . Mystic has a neutral fit. Ion is a bit more spacious and Ripcurl has a slim fit. At the bottom of this page you will find the size tables of our wetsuit brands.

What thickness do I need?
The heat of a wetsuit is determined by the thickness of the neoprene and the material on the inside of the wetsuit. In the summer you wear a wetsuit with a thickness of 3/2 mm or 4/3 mm. Then in winter you wear a wetsuit of 5/3 mm, 5/4 mm or perhaps even thicker. The first number of the thickness indication stands for the thickness of the torso and legs and the second number for the thickness of the arms. There is also a lot of difference on the inside of your wetsuit. Wetsuits with wool or other extra insulating material on the inside are warmer and therefore also higher in price.

In the summer the average water temperature of the sea is between 15-20 degrees Celsius. In these months you use shorties and wetsuits of 3/2 millimeters.

In the spring and fall the average water temperature is between 6-16 degrees Celsius. In this period you use a wetsuit of 4/3 millimeters or 5/3 millimeters.

In the winter the average water temperature of the sea is between 4-8 degrees Celsius and you need a wetsuit of at least 5/4 millimeter or 6/5 millimeter.

Different closures: On the back, chest or no zipper at all.
We know that there are many different models and colors. Sometimes this does not make the choice easier. The biggest difference is in the zipper. Some wetsuits have an oblique zipper on the chest or a straight zipper on the chest. Then you also have the variant with the zipper on the back. To explain the big difference very simply, you will find that with a zipper on the chest you have more freedom of movement and that the neck of the suit closes higher. Often it feels a bit tighter than you're used to, but you will get used to this automatically. The advantage of a zipper on the chest is that many times less water comes in than with a wetsuit with a zipper on the back.

Lifetime of a wetsuit
The lifespan of a wetsuit initially depends on how often you use it. Whether you go once a week or a few times a month or maybe several times a week.

Everything depends on how well you maintain your wetsuit. Maintaining your wetsuit is very easy. Rinse with fresh water, do not hang to dry in the sun or on a hanger because the shoulder panels will thin out too quickly. In addition, it is highly recommended to wash it regularly with a special wetsuit shampoo. This shampoo ensures that the neoprene remains flexible and beautiful. Furthermore, it kills bacteria that live in your suit and counteracts the (possible) smell.

If you have any questions, get good advice about a wetsuit and the different models. At Shaka you will find a huge selection of wetsuits, brands and fits. We carry the well-known major brands such as Mystic, Ion and Ripcurl.

Size chart Mystic men's wetsuit

MeasureLength in cmChest circumference in cmHip size in cm

Size chart Mystic wetsuit ladies

MeasureLength in cmChest circumference in cmHip size in cm

Size chart ION men's wetsuit

MeasureLength in cmWeight in kgChest circumference in cm
XS - 46168-17557-6486-91
S - 48173-17861-7192-96
ST - 64176-18164-7592-96
M - 50176-18168-7996-100
MT - 98178-18373-8496-100
L - 52180-18577-88100-106
LT - 102183-18882-93100-106
XL - 54183-18886-98106-111
XLT - 106186-19191-100106-112
XXL - 56186-19196-105111-116

Size chart ION wetsuit ladies

MeasureLength in cmWeight in kgChest circumference in cm
XXS - 32152-16040-4770-75
XS - 34157-16445-5278-83
S - 36161-16850-5782-88
M - 38165-17255-6586-92
MT - 76171-17860-6886-92
L - 40170-17662-6890-96
LT - 80176-18365-7390-96
XL - 42173-17864-7395-100
XXL - 44176-18169-7798-106

Size chart Ripcurl men's wetsuit

MeasureLength in cmWeight in kgChest circumference in cm

Size chart Ripcurl wetsuit ladies

MeasureLength in cmHip size in cmChest circumference in cm
XXS - 415586.578
XS - 61608982
S - 816591.586
M - 101709490
L - 1217596.594
XL - 141789996
XXL - 16181+101100
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