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Are you looking for new foil wing materials? Then you've come to the right place at Shaka's online wing-foil shop! At Shaka you can buy all your wing foil materials. Shaka sells wing foil materials from Duotone, F-One, North, Fanatic and Aztron.

What is foil wings?

You have probably seen them on the water, wing foilers, wing surfers or foil wingers. It is a new water sport that is a mix of windsurfing, foiling and wave surfing. It's a great way to surf the water, or rather, add it above the water, with all the elements of the wind and waves! Because of the hydrofoil under the wingboard you are 'lifted' above the water and you can enjoy traditional windsurfing and wave surfing in a completely new way. Due to the hydrofoil under the wingboard, you can fly all the foil with a relatively much smaller wing. One of the biggest advantages compared to windsurfing is that your traditional windsurf sail is replaced by the inflatable wing, which is a lot smaller, more compact and lighter. You don't need a mast and boom to 'rig up' your wing. You can pump this up quickly and easily! Duotone is also a brand that has a wing with a 'boom' (boom). Compared to a windsurf board, the wingboard is also a lot smaller, more compact and lighter, which means it offers many advantages in user-friendliness and manoeuvrability. After all, the hydrofoil that you mount under your wingboard ensures that you will 'fly over the water' and experience a unique water sport experience!

What do you need for a wing foil set?

A complete set for winging consists of three parts. They all come in many shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a good complete wing set to start? Then view our foil wing sets.

I want to start foil wing and am looking for a complete foil wing set for beginners

We have put together a beautiful and affordable foil wing set for a starting foil winger. Ideal and perfect for learning how to wing foil. View our complete wing foil set for beginners and slightly advanced.

What should I take into account when purchasing my foil wing set?

To put together the right foil wing set you have to ask yourself a number of questions:

We categorize level / experience in four scales:

  1. Complete beginner, has no experience in water and surf sports
  2. Foil beginner, has experience with windsurfing, kiting or wave surfing, but no experience with foiling
  3. Pre - Foiler, has experience with foiling with a kite, windsurfboard, wave surfboard or SUP, but not with a wing and wingboard
  4. Wing addict, has found his/her passion in foil wing and is ready for the next step!

What is important when choosing my wing?

If you are looking for a wing, you have to take the size into account. Most brands sell wings from 2.5m to 7m. Depending on the average wind speed at the location where you are going to fly, your body weight, your board and foil set and your experience, you choose a certain size. A basic rule for wind speed is that with strong winds you need a small wing and with soft winds a large wing. A basic rule for your body weight is that lighter persons can fly a smaller wing and heavier persons can fly a larger wing.

What types of wings are there?

In addition, there are also different types of wings available from the brands, this has to do with what you want to use the wing for. There are wings for freeriding, freestyling and wave / downwind. So think carefully about what you prefer to do and make a choice based on that. Are you going to start with wing foiling? Then the all-round and freeride models are the most suitable.

Do you have a question about which size and type of wing you need? Come and visit us in the shop and we can give you personal advice. If you can't come by, you can of course also call or email us.

What should I pay attention to when choosing my wingboard?

Are you about to buy a board for winging? Then there are a number of things to keep in mind:

Volume, length, width and weight
The most important properties that you should take into account in your choice are, in the first instance, the volume in conjunction with the length and width of the wingboard. Are you just starting to wing? Then the larger sizes that the brand has available are suitable for you. Your body weight and experience also play an important role in the wingboard. Heavier persons need more volume than light persons. On the other hand, as you get more experience, you can get along more easily with a smaller wingboard with less volume. An advantage of a smaller wingboard is that they are much more agile and playful in the water. These are also lighter and easier to handle in terms of weight and transport and lifting on the beach.

The smaller the wingboard gets, the lighter and more manoeuvrable it is! In the beginning, if you want to learn wing foiling, larger wingboards offer much more stability and your learning curve is longer. The more experience you gain over time, the smaller wingboards you can surf.

Wingboard material
Hard tops wingboards, soft tops wingboards and inflatable wingboards with and without footstraps are available. Soft top wingboards are especially interesting for the novice wing foilers. These are completely covered with a soft and grippy top layer, which offers you and the wingboard protection. The hard top wingboards offer you the widest range of choice. These are equipped with a soft and grippy footpad where you will mainly stand. You also have extra light and strong wingboards, which are reinforced with carbon under the feet and where the connector with the hydropfoil is located. This gives an even more direct and lively feeling.

inflatable wing board
There are also wingboards that you can inflate. You can easily store this at home and take it with you in the car, bus, train or plane.

Footstraps wingboard
You can surf all wingboards with or without footstraps. Foodstraps offer a lot of grip and stability. You can also jump even higher with food traps. Surfing without food traps gives the ultimate feeling of freedom.

Which hydrofoil do I choose for my wing foil set?

The choice of your hydrofoil for the wingset depends on a number of factors.

There are wings that are very suitable to start with, these have the properties that they come out of the water at low speed, have a lot of stability and turn easily. On the other hand, there are also foils that need a lot more speed before they come out of the water. A freeride foil is generally very suitable to start with and are the most easy to use. In addition, there are also wingsets that are suitable for surfing, with which you can wingsurf with a wonderful feeling in the waves.

What parts does a hydrofoil consist of?

A hydrofoil is made up of a number of parts that influence its behaviour.

There are modular systems where you can exchange and adapt these parts. There are also hydrofoils that are made in one piece, nothing is interchangeable, but is optimized in

What mast length is right for me?
Masts of foil come in different lengths, common lengths are:

To determine the length of your foil mast, you must take the following points into account.

What is your level and experience with foiling?
Where are you going to foil wings and how deep is it there?

If you have little or no experience, short masts are easier and safer to practice. Even if you want to wing foil at shallow spots, you should have a shorter mast. Requirements for the advanced foil wing surfer are the weight and stiffness of the mast. Masts are made of aluminum or carbon. Carbon is a very light, strong and stiff material and offers the best option. The disadvantage of carbon is that it is more vulnerable to damage and is a lot more expensive.

What do I have to take into account with the connector / adapter of my foil set?
The connector / adapter of your foil is the connection of the mast with the board. Most connectors / adapters fit on different wing and/or foil boards, also from different brands. The connector / adapter is mounted on the wing and/or foil board by means of four screw points. However, different distances between the inserts are possible. So not in all cases can foils be mounted on other boards. To be sure whether you can mount a foil on a wingboard, take the connector or adapter with you to our shop. You can also email us the exact dimensions and we can check this with the relevant wingboard. Furthermore, it is important to regularly grease the screws of your connector / adapter to prevent them from getting stuck permanently.

What differences are there in the front wing of my foil wing set?

When purchasing your new wing, foil or wingboard, we advise you to contact us or to visit our store in Scheveningen.


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