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North  Scoop Foil Board 2023
Scoop Foil Board 2023
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Foil kiteboarding

Foil kitesurfing is the newest form of kitesurfing. These kiteboards have a foil under the board. This is a mast with a front wing and rear wing, connected by the so-called fuselage. To start with hydrofoil kitesurfing, it is advisable to sail with a short mast. Once you have found the balance and position, you can sail with a longer mast. There are different types of kiteboards for hydrofoil kitesurfing. In the beginning we recommend a thin and sturdy kiteboard that does not break easily. Once you have mastered foil kitesurfing, you can switch to a foil kiteboard with volume, which gives it a surfy feeling and helps you to keep surfing more easily if you fall back for a while.

What does my foil kite set consist of = board + foil

foil kite board

There are various foil boards available at Shaka. The first type of foil board is for novice foil kite surfers. This board is hard, very sturdy and very stable. It has a large surface area for buoyancy and is easy to surf.

After you have mastered the balance and timing of foiling, you can switch to a foil board with volume, this board is more playful and has the real wave feeling.

Hybrid surf & foil board, on this board you can also mount fins for wave kite surfing.


There are foils that you can completely adjust and tune and foils that consist of a whole and can no longer be adjusted. A foil consists of the following parts:


Connection between the board and the mast.


Masts come in different lengths and are generally made of aluminum. In the beginning, short masts are easier to surf. If you are already more experienced, you can take a medium or long mast to carve even faster and more extreme.


The fuselage is the connection between the front wing, back wing and mast.

Front wing & back wing

The aspect ratio (ratio & shape) and mounting of the front wing & back wing largely determine the properties of the foil. Think of maneuverability, lift, speed, carve properties, surf/wave properties.

Do you have a question about a foil kiteboard or do you want to test a foil set? Please feel free to contact us or visit our kitesurf shop in Scheveningen.

Do you want to buy a foil kiteboard? Then look between our foil kiteboards.

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