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North  Reach 2023 Kite Set
Reach 2023 Kite Set
North Reach 2023 Kitesurf Set. Total set including Kite, bar, board, pump. Ready...
€2.980,00 €2.462,81 €2.049,00 €1.693,39
Duotone Evo 2023 Kite set
Evo 2023 Kite set
€2.866,00 €2.368,60 €1.929,00 €1.594,21
Duotone Evo 2024 Kite set - Coral
Evo 2024 Kite set - Coral
€3.285,00 €2.714,88 €2.309,00 €1.908,26
Airush  Lithium 2023 Kite Set
Lithium 2023 Kite Set
Airush Lithium 2023 Kite Kit. This set consists of Airush Lithium 2022, Ride Bar...
€2.416,00 €1.996,69 €1.799,00 €1.486,78
Duotone Evo 2024 Kite set - Coral - Copy
Evo 2024 Kite set - Coral - Copy
€3.045,00 €2.516,53 €2.159,00 €1.784,30
Eleveight  RS V7 2024 kite set
RS V7 2024 kite set
€2.676,00 €2.211,57 €1.934,00 €1.598,35
Cabrinha Moto X Kite Set 2024
Moto X Kite Set 2024
Cabrinha Moto Total set including Kite, Bar, Board. Ready to go!
€3.016,00 €2.492,56 €2.159,00 €1.784,30
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Complete Kitesets

Buy a complete kitesurf set at

Do you want to buy a complete kitesurfing set? Then you get a nice discount at Shakaonline!

Are you looking for a kitesurfing set? Then you get the very best deal at Shaka kitesurfing, everything coordinated, ready-to-go!

A complete kitesurf set at Shaka consists of:

  • kite
  • kiteboard
  • kite bar
  • Pump

Of course you always have the choice to choose a kite and board size yourself.

All our kitesurf sets are suitable for novice kitesurfers and for (slightly) advanced kitesurfers. These are mainly properties that you will find in the kite and the kiteboard. It means that these are versatile and widely applicable, either the so-called freeride kite and with the freeride twintip kiteboard. A freeride kite is easy and safe to use. They have a large depower range, to get a lot of power from the kite, relaunch quickly when they are on the water and have a large wind range.

There are also a number of kitesurf sets with a freeride kite that are more, freestyle, wave or big-air oriented. These are particularly suitable for the (slightly) advanced and ambitious kite surfers.

What size kite do I need?
Which size kite you want with the kite set depends on a number of factors. Your body weight and the average wind speed of the kite spot where you live play the most important role. Each brand and model kite then has its own size chart with the wind range of this kite. You will find this in the description of the kite.

The basic rule for the wind is: strong wind = a small kite and soft wind = a large kite.
The basic rule for your body weight is: more weight = a large kite, less weight = a small kite.

The kiteboards that are in our kitesurf sets are freeride twinwtip kiteboards. These are ideal to use in your first kitesurfing set and are very versatile. You can easily sail upwind with this and try your first jumps and trucks.

Which length of my kiteboard is suitable for me?
Which size kiteboard you want depends on a number of factors. The three most important factors are your body weight, what exactly you want to do during your kitesurfing sessions and what your level is in kitesurfing. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that you want to start kitesurfing and that you would like to get out of the water easily and learn how to kitesurf well upwind during your sessions. Then you can see in the following table a good indication which kiteboard size is suitable for you. Take the last 4 centimeters as a starting point. If you have more years of experience, you can use the first 4 centimeters as a suitable board length.

Body weight

Board length

40-50 kg

128 – 136 cm

50-60 kg

130 – 138 cm

60-70 kg

132 – 140 cm

70-80 kg

134 – 142 cm

80-90 kg

136 – 144 cm

90+ kg

138+ cm


A larger kiteboard is also generally wider and will help you get out of the water faster and easier. They have good buoyancy. These are therefore suitable for novice kite surfers and for light wind kite sessions. A large kiteboard, on the other hand, has less maneuverability and playfulness. And are not suitable for big jumps. It is also more difficult with a larger kiteboard to 'edge' it and to get upwind in strong winds.

At Shaka we have a number of beautiful kitesurf sets from:

  • duotone
  • cabrinha
  • North Kiteboarding
  • eleveight
  • Airush
  • F-One

Of course we can also completely adapt the kitesurf set to what you want. This can make a set even better or a bit cheaper. For example, if you want another kiteboard in your set or a different kitebar, this is all possible.

Visit our kitesurf shop in Scheveningen, then we will give you personal advice and tips that you should all take into account. Do you want to buy a complete kitesurfing set? Order these quickly and easily online or visit us. We can put together a kitesurf set for every budget!

Wetsuit + trapeze

In addition to your complete kitesurfing set, you also need a wetsuit and trapeze to start kitesurfing. A wetsuit keeps you warm in the cold water and is essential in the Netherlands and many other places in the world. Wetsuits come in many different thicknesses for different water temperatures. Wetsuits also differ in fit and that is why we advise you to try on a wetsuit and harness in the store, so you can be sure that the model fits well with the construction of your body.

A trapeze ensures the connection of your body with the kitebar and kite. Harnesses come in many different shapes and sizes with different properties and fits. Also for this product we advise you to come and try it on in the store and to get a good explanation about it.

Do you want to immediately buy a wetsuit and / or a harness? First, take a good look at the size chart of the brand in question. View and order our wetsuits and harnesses here .

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